Big Tweets, Big Heads: Twitter Roundup

Big Tweets, Big Heads: Twitter Roundup

Justin Bieber, Oprah

roundup of not-so-humble tweets from celebsOprah/Instagram

Nowadays, a modest celeb is almost as rare as a narwhal, especially when they have so many outlets to tweet their greatness to us peons. Flaunting personalized dollar bills or talk about birthing goddesses is just another walk in the park for these big-headed celebs.


If you haven’t seen Rihanna’s new video for “Pour It Up,” you’re missing out on her dry humping her throne (not a euphemism, unfortunately) and throwing around money like it’s going out of style. Never mind the fact that it looks like she’s in a knockoff of Motel 6 in the pic she posted, Rihanna wants to remind us of her baller ways. What shutdown?!

Kim Kardashian

Breaking news: Kim Kardashian takes a true-to-life selfie!

Lady Gaga

Gaga tweeted this a few days before the cover of ARTPOP was released, and as usual, it left us scratching our heads as to wtf she was going on about. Birthing Venus? Gaga a goddess? Teach us your humble ways, Gaga. Of course, then we saw the cover and we were still left scratching our heads.

Jaden Smith

I truly wish I could go back and do my undergrad again, just so I can major in Juvenile Philosophy and be advised by Professor Smith. On one hand, it’d be nice if Jaden took his own advice, but if he did, we wouldn’t have gems like this.

Justin Bieber

Um, “girl”? How awesome is the visual of Bieber saying “Love u girl” to Oprah?! That’s like saying, “wurd homez @GOD.”