Check Out Taylor Swift’s Hot New Music Video Boyfriend In “Style”

Check Out Taylor Swift’s Hot New Music Video Boyfriend In “Style”

Taylor Swift, Style music video

Taylor Swift, Style music videoYouTube/TaylorSwiftVEVO

Taylor, you did it again. You made us fall in love with yet another one of your hot music video boyfriends. 

This morning, Taylor Swift released the music video for her latest singled off of 1989, “Style,” and it’s perfect. As expected, this is Taylor Swift after all.

Watch the video for “Style” here:


The hottie boyfriend featured here is Dominic Sherwood and he’s gorgeous. We want to marry him. Taylor’s loyal fanbase of #Swifties sounded off on Twitter with their thoughts on Dominic, oh and the video.

People are making sure you know who he is:

We’re not alone in our love:

He’s the true star (no offense T):

Like, people really loved him:

People were digging his unique eyes in the video:

People are comparing Dominic and Tay’s chemistry to Fifty Shades:

People loved the video, but they also want to make sure everyone knows they think Dominic is hot as well:

What do you think of the video and who Tay chose as a music video boyfriend? Tweet us your thoughts!