Fans raise over $93,000 for R.E.M. musician Scott McCaughey’s stroke recovery costs

Fans have raised over $93,000 (£70,000) to help cover the medical costs of R.E.M. touring member Scott Mccaughey after he suffered a stroke.
Multi-instrumentalist McCaughey had the stroke just days ago and his wife, Mary Winzig, set up a GoFundMe page on Monday (20Nov17) telling fans he is currently in an intensive care unit in San Francisco receiving treatment.
She further explained explained he needs ongoing physical and speech therapy in the future, though remained hopeful that McCaughey will “come back from this and be back in your town rocking soon”.
The page has well surpassed the $75k (£57k) goal at the time WENN went to press, with over 1,000 people donating towards the cause to raise the staggering amount.
One fan called Mike Dahlin cited all the other acts McCaughey has performed with over the years which include rockers What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?
“Scott and the Fellows, and the Minus 5, and The Baseball Project, and The Lowe Beats, and REM, etc, etc, are responsible for so many of the most joyous moments of my life. I will be there when you hit the stage again to bring more joy to the lucky people of Seattle,” Dahlin wrote, while another GoFundMe user called Chris Page posted, “We’re thinking of you, Scott and hope you’re back on stage rocking very, very soon. Sending positive vibes from eastern Canada.”
McCaughey worked with R.E.M., fronted by singer Michael Stipe, from 1994 until the group split in 2011, playing both keyboard and rhythm guitar as well as contributing to backing vocals.