John Lithgow turned down Frasier role

Actor John Lithgow turned down the role of TV favourite Dr. Frasier Crane, because he was too snooty for the small screen at the time.
The Terms of Endearment star reveals the role of the Cheers character was originally written for him, but he didn’t think a television gig would fit with his film and theatre career. Kelsey Grammer was subsequently offered the part, which eventually landed him his own hit spin-off, Frasier.
“If I would have accepted that role nobody would have ever heard of Frasier Crane,” he told U.S. late night show Watch What Happens Live! “(Kelsey is) the one that turned it into an incredible phenomenon. I turned it down because at that point in my life episodic television was beneath my dignity and look at me now!”
However, he is ultimately grateful he didn’t agree to star in the show, because it wouldn’t have allowed him to sign on for 3rd Rock from the Sun, the hit TV comedy, which ran from 1996 to 2001.
“Honestly, I envy (Kelsey’s) affluence (because of the show), but if I would have done that I never would have done 3rd Rock from the Sun and that was the best six years I’ve ever had,” he added.