12 Of The Best Movies Ever To Be Nominated For A Razzie Award

After over 30 years, the Golden Raspberry Awards have grown from a small meeting in an apartment to it’s own Hollywood institution. Though the Razzies love to hand out awards to some of the worst atrocities in film for the year, sometimes they are dead wrong. Here are 12 of the best movies to ever be nominated for a Razzie Award.

Wall Street
Won: Worst Supporting Actress, Daryl Hannah

Michael Douglas' performance as the greedy corporate raider Gordon Gekko, won him an Oscar for Best Leading Actor in Wall Street. In contrast, Daryl Hannah's performance as interior decorator Darien Taylor won her a Razzie the same year for Worst Supporting Actress. Therefore, Oliver Stone's Wall Street is the only film to ever be awarded with both an Oscar and a Razzie. While we admit that we've seen Hannah do a lot more as an actress (IE: 2003's Kill Bill Vol. 1) we certainly don't feel that her performance was Razzie worthy.
Nomination: Worst Director, Brian De Palma

The only complaint that we really have about Scarface is the fact that Brian De Palma chose to cast Italian-American, Al Pacino in the starring role instead of an actual Cuban actor to play Tony Montana. However, the year was 1983 so we suppose we shouldn't have expected any different. Nevertheless, the excessive and over-the-top gangster drama works exceptionally well because it's so brash and bold. Not only is the film a timeless classic, it's the opportunity to see Pacino as a very different type of gangster. Clearly Razzie voters were just out for Brian De Palma's blood.
The Shining
Nominations: Worst Director: Stanley Kubrick & Worst Actress: Shelley Duvall

1981 was the inaugural Golden Raspberry Awards, so we're just going to assume that there was confusion about what a bad movie means.  We'll just give the voters a pass on nominating one of the greatest horror classics ever. When The Shining premiered to mixed reviews in 1980, it gave Razzie voters the opportunity to smirk at Stanley Kubrick who was considered a master of the horror genre by then. We're also not sure why they attacked Shelley Duvall since 35-years later her performance as Wendy is one of the main reasons why The Shining is so fantastic. How interesting that Razzie voters didn't dare come for Jack Nicholson's performance?
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The Blair Witch Project
Nominations: Worst Picture & Worst Actress, Heather Donahue

The Blair Witch Project helped define a new generation of horror, the found-footage horror era. Heather Donahue speaking directly to the camera is what makes the entire film so realistic and terrifying. It seems like the Razzies just didn't like the fact that a low-budget student film made almost $250 million dollars. Anyone who hates on Blair Witch clearly needs to remain in 1999.
Friday the 13th
Nominations: Worst Picture & Worst Supporting Actress, Betsy Palmer

In many ways the slasher film is still trying to gain respect in Hollywood, but we've come along way. However, when Friday the 13th dropped in 1980, it was not much of a success. Sure, the film really doesn't have much of a script but it's a lot of fun and Betsy Palmer's performance. It was nominated twice for the 1st Golden Raspberry Awards but won neither award. After all, it delivers exactly what it promises.
Batman Begins
Nomination: Worst Supporting Actress, Katie Holmes

We get that the Razzies like to poke fun at the establishment, but attacking an actor for what's going on in their personal life is rather played out. Unfortunately for Katie Holmes, Batman Begins dropped the same year the Tom-Kat Circus began hitting town, so the Razzies decided to get in where they fit in. Holmes if you recall starred in the first film of The Dark Knight trilogy, and though her scenes weren't exactly memorable, they certainly weren't poorly executed or Razzie worthy. After all, the film was a SENSATION as far as critics and movie-goers were concerned.
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War of the Worlds
Nomination: Worst Actor, Tom Cruise

Listen, we all know that Tom Cruise had no business jumping on Mother Oprah's couch but, there was nothing bad about his performance in Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. Cruise did exactly what we expect from him in an alien invasion movie, and though it's definitely not our favorite Spielberg film, we think it's perfectly fine. (Hopefully Cruise has learned the art of subtly in his personal life by now).
Snow White and the Huntsman
Nomination: Worst Actress, Kristen Stewart

We adore Snow White and the Huntsman not only because it's a twist on a classic fairy tale, but also because of the fantastic feminist themes in the film. (Also Chris Hemsworth!) Admittedly, there was a lot going on in the movie, but unlike her performance in Twilight, Kristen Stewart really transformed from a little girl to a determined warrior. We think that the Razzie chose to target Stewart because of the scandal that involved her, and the film's director Rupert Sanders.
Basic Instinct
Nominations: Worst Actor, Michael Douglas, Worst New Star,  "Sharon Stone's 'Tribute to Theodore Cleaver'" & Worst Supporting Actress, Jeanne Tripplehorn

Overt sexuality and graphic violence in the same film was obviously a bit too much for early '90s film goers. As a result, Basic Instinct had some issues before it even debuted in the movie theaters but, once it did drop, it made all the coins. Admittedly, the plot could definitely use some work. However, the actors performances are what make the film as compelling as it is. We can't say the same for the train wreck that was 2006's Basic Instinct 2.
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Batman Returns
Nominations : Worst Supporting Actor, Danny DeVito

We'll just admit it, Danny DeVito's portrayal of the monstrous Penguin was very odd, but it's a Tim Burton film! We secretly adored the genuinely villainous performance, and we thought it was a delightful follow up to Burton and Michael Keaton's original Batman. Seriously, DeVito was just setting the framework to be Mr. Wormwood in Matilda and Frank in It's Always Sunny. The Razzies literally have no clue what they're talking about sometimes.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Nomination: Worst Written Film Grossing Over $100 Million

Disney hardly ever does wrong, so The Razzies were clearly reaching here when they nominated The Hunchback of Notre Dame for such an obscure category. Clearly Disney had to make Victor Hugo's classic easily digestible for kiddies, but they still got the heartbreaking message through using strong visuals, some comedy and songs. Obviously, the Razzies just felt like they needed to hate on our boo Quasimodo.
Interview With the Vampire
Won: Worst Screen Couple, Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt

We adore, the film adaption of Anne Rice's Interview With the Vampire. It had the perfect Gothic tone and story lines for an amazing vampire movie. We couldn't have imagined Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in a film together, but we certainly aren't mad at it. Whatever you may think of them, Pitt and Cruise certainly didn't deserve the honor of Worst Screen Couple.