The 8 Most Shocking Emmy Snubs Of 2015

The 8 Most Shocking Emmy Snubs Of 2015

Empire, Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard

The Emmy nominations were just released, and there were some shocking Emmy snubs. Many great shows and actors have been passed up by the award ceremony. But which were the most shocking? These eight had our heads spinning!

1. Empire

Fox TV animated GIF Giphy/FOX

The new drama was a huge hit, but didn’t get a nomination. The good news is Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) has been nominated for Best Actress in a Drama. Better luck next time Empire!

2. The Walking Dead


The show is still going strong and is about to come back for its sixth season in October. However. it is noticeably absent from Emmy nominations. If you asked us, Melissa McBride deserves a little recognition after last season’s cookie scene.

3. Gina Rodriguez from Jane The Virgin

jane the virgin animated GIF Giphy/ Poppy Productions

Gina definitely had a “moment” at the Golden Globes last year, so it’s pretty surprising that the Emmys aren’t hoping on this train. The lead isn’t included in the any acting category nominations, although it’s arguable that she should be.

4. Jane Fonda from Grace and Frankie

still-life-with-chiweenie: My fucking spirit animal. Tumblr/Netflix

The new show is hilarious and thankfully Lily Tomlin was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. However, the other half of the comedy duo wasn’t nominated at all. Yikes!

5. Kerry Washington from Scandal

leemaultsby: When basic people try to come for you!Tumblr/ABC

The leading lady didn’t make the list, even though she was previously nominated two consecutive years. Her character just keeps getting better, so hopefully a win will be in her future.

6. Sons of Anarchy

Tumblr/Linson Entertainment

The show has ended, but it didn’t get any love from the Emmys. The hit drama about the motorcycle club got zero nominations after saying goodbye.

7. The Affair


Viewers might be really into the show, and the Golden Globes might have recognized Ruth Wilson for her work, but the show didn’t make the running for the big award.

8. Broad City

you girls are so pretty. you should smile!Tumblr/Comedy Central

The comedy duo has had some popular episodes, but they have been left out comedy and acting categories.

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