This Terrorist Of ‘Quantico’ Fan Theory Makes Total Sense

Our favorite FBI agents are back with Quantico, and they are still not sure which one of their own is the terrorist that blew up Grand Central. Although Alex (Priyanka Chopra) has seemingly cleared her name, we have yet to clear anyone else’s from the group. But there is one theory of who the terrorist is and it makes total sense. Quantico Spoilers ahead!

Photo: Tumblr/ABC

One reddit user suspects the person behind it all is Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy). She may be the one everyone least suspects because her parents died on 9/11, but she has done a lot of shady stuff. For one, she bought fake plane tickets on the day of the bombing supposedly to go away with Caleb’s dad but that could be a planned alibi. Secondly it’s very possible Shelby knew that woman wasn’t her sister at all because she initially didn’t want Caleb (Graham Rogers) to investigate it. Instead that woman could be a contact to her accomplices who she was transferring money to. Lastly she might have gotten close to Caleb on purpose just to get to his dad, Clayton (Mark Pellegrino) so  she could make sure he would never suspect her.

All of those points actually make a lot of sense! But we have a long way to go, and the others aren’t so squeaky clean. Caleb has a lot of angst against his parents, which could be a motive. Raina might have gotten too close to a terrorist leader while undercover. We hardly know anything about Brandon yet. Lastly Elias has already been caught collaborating with terrorists. So is Shelby the terrorist? I guess only time will tell.

Photo: Tumblr/ABC