Tracy Morgan Makes A Surprise Heartwarming Speech At The Emmys

tracy morgan, emmys

For the past year, fans of Tracy Morgan have only been given bits and pieces of pieces of insight into his road to recovery, as the star chose to remain private following a deadly accident with an 18-wheeler that injured Morgan and killed a passenger on his tour bus. However, with news coming several weeks ago that he will be hosting the season opener of Saturday Night Live October 3rd, it was promising that the star so many love will be returning to the small screen.

And with almost no notice, Morgan took a moment to drop in on the Emmys and give the vast audience a few words about his ordeal, and, not least of all, give out the final award of the evening for the category of Best Drama series, which seems fitting, given everything he’s been through over the course of the year.

Tracy Morgan didn’t look very natural or comfortable onstage. He appeared stiff and strained, but his fans quickly looked past all that and just enjoyed his presence back on stage. But despite his rigid nature, he was still able to unleash a few zingers on the crows which were a welcome return to form. Most notably, he made light of the accident and his immediate return to consciousness by dropping deadpan, “I was ecstatic to learn I wasn’t the one who messed up.”